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Keep Cool This Summer with Blinds and Curtains: Natural Heat Relief

As summer heats up, finding effective ways to stay cool becomes a priority. Instead of relying solely on air conditioning, harness the power of blinds and curtains to naturally beat the heat. We have some practical tips on using these window coverings to create a comfortable and cool indoor environment.

Embrace Light-Coloured and Reflective blinds and curtains:

Choose blinds or curtains in light colours to reflect sunlight and keep your space cooler. Select white or light shades and consider reflective materials like thermal-backed fabrics or light coloured wooden blinds.

Close During the Hottest Hours:

Keep blinds or curtains closed during peak sunlight hours to block out the heat. This is typically from late morning to early evening when the sun is strongest, preventing excessive heat from entering your space.


Use Thermal or Insulated Options:

Invest in thermal or insulated blinds and curtains to enhance heat reduction. These coverings are designed with insulating properties, featuring multiple layers or thicker fabrics that create a barrier against heat transfer.

Embrace the Effectiveness of Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains are excellent for reducing both light and heat. Their thick, light-blocking fabrics provide extra insulation, ensuring a significantly cooler environment. Use blackout curtains in rooms where you want to create a darker and cooler ambiance, such as bedrooms or home cinemas.

Implement a Double-Layer Approach:

Combine blinds and curtains for optimal heat protection. Close the blinds during the day to block direct sunlight while leaving the curtains open to allow natural light. In the evening, close both for added insulation against lingering heat.

Choose Adjustable Options for Light Control:

Select adjustable blinds or curtains to strike a balance between natural light and heat reduction. Tilt the blinds upwards to minimise direct sunlight or adjust the curtains to control the amount of heat entering your space.

Take advantage of the natural cooling benefits of blinds and curtains to beat the summer heat naturally. Embrace light coloured and reflective coverings, keep them closed during peak hours, and consider thermal or insulated options. Utilise blackout curtains for maximum heat reduction and explore the double-layer approach. Adjustable blinds or curtains allow for light control, while enhancing insulation seals air leaks to maximise cooling effects. Stay cool and enjoy a refreshing summer in your naturally comfortable home.

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