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Electric blind and Curtain Tracks

Modern Living with Stylish Electric Blinds London

The fusion of technology and interior design has created innovative solutions that redefine how we experience our living spaces. Aveon introduces a game-changing addition to your home — smart blinds. These modern blinds take privacy and lighting to a whole new level and transform how you control your blinds.

Ease of Use and Modern Convenience

Smart blinds are powered by cutting-edge technologies that work together to provide seamless automation, convenience and control. With smart blinds, a touch of connectivity turns your living spaces into a smart environment that optimises light and privacy. Imagine roller blinds that effortlessly glide open or close at your command!


Aveon partners with Somfy to bring these innovative concepts that seamlessly integrate into our daily routines, revolutionising how we interact with our living environments.

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The Practical Appeal of Smart Blinds

Aveon's smart & electric blinds offer a balanced mix of convenience and sophistication, presenting a practical approach to elevating our home environments. These blinds seamlessly integrate practicality with style, reshaping our daily interactions within our living spaces.

Energy Saving: Adaptive Comfort

Aveon’s smart blinds intuitively respond to seasonal changes, enhancing your indoor comfort without demanding constant manual adjustments. During colder winter days, they optimise heat retention effortlessly, creating a snug atmosphere. In the hot summer months, the blinds adjust to maintain a cool indoor temperature, so you can save on air conditioning.

A Streamlined Solution

In many homes in the UK, corded blinds pose valid safety concerns, especially for families with young children or pets. Aveon's electric blinds in London provide a sensible answer to this concern through their cord-free design. These blinds refine your home's visual appeal and ensure a safer environment by eliminating cords. This functional design echoes the brand's commitment to delivering solutions that align with real-life needs.


Smart Home Integration: Elevating Everyday Convenience

Aveon's electric blinds London seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle by harmonising with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. You can effortlessly control your blinds through straightforward voice commands for an additional layer of ease into your daily routine.

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The Somfy Advantage: Technology at Your Fingertips

Somfy, a pioneer in the field, brings its WireFree™ motors to the table, eliminating clutter by concealing batteries within roller tubes or housings. Wires are a thing of the past, and these rechargeable batteries ensure lasting performance.

Aveon also offers the Smart Electric Curtain, an effortless way to enhance home life. Whether it's morning, work hours or a relaxing evening, your curtains adjust smoothly and silently between natural and artificial light, maintaining a soft, constant ambience throughout the day.

Complete Comfort and Control

Somfy's TaHoma Switch and Connectivity Kit power the seamless integration that transforms the modern home into a haven of smart devices and innovative gadgets. These tools allow you to control Somfy motors via your smartphone to easily manage your home's automated features.


Centralised Convenience

Through the TaHoma Switch, you build a bridge to your Wi-Fi router, enabling centralised control over motorised blinds and tracks. Individual or grouped control becomes effortless through the Somfy app, creating an environment that evolves with your needs.


Simple Integration

Setting up the TaHoma Switch or Connectivity Kit is a breeze, directly connecting to your router. Even when away from home, the connection with other smart home devices allows you to set timers, ensuring your blinds dance to your rhythm.

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TaHoma: Your Gateway to Seamless Smart Living

With compatibility extending to nearly 300 home products, TaHoma by Somfy presents a unified smart home experience. Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant join the ensemble, granting you ultimate control. Whether through your smartphone, tablet, computer or even your wrist-worn companion — the Apple Watch — Somfy's Tahoma hub offers a symphony of control over your entire smart ecosystem.


Somfy Connectivity Kit: Effortless Control in Your Hands

The Connectivity Kit takes your journey further, allowing you to control and program connected interior blinds, curtains, and lighting. Operating through your smartphone and compatible with many products, including Somfy-powered blinds, Philips Hue lighting and Google Assistant, this kit promises easy control even when you're miles away.

Roller blinds for A Universal Choice for Diverse Spaces

Elevate Every Moment: The Elegance of Electric Curtains London

Electric curtains embody the essence of modern living — effortless and elegant. These curtains open and close silently to create the perfect interplay between natural and artificial light. Whether you're awakening to a new day, engrossed in work or unwinding in the evening, these curtains adjust seamlessly, ensuring a constant stream of soft, comforting light.

Aveon's Blinds — Engineered for Elegance

Aveon's electric blinds London showcase the art of merging convenience, style, and efficiency. Embrace the future and transform your living space into a smart home, where comfort is a touch away and your surroundings respond to your every need.


Don't miss out — contact us today and step into a world of modern comfort and convenience!

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