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Exclusive Look, Unrivalled Quality. Bring your unique sense of style to your window with our bespoke curtains London

Made to measure wave curtains

Beauty Follows Function

Adored by architects and interior

designers for its simplicity and style.

Always In Style

This classic has nothing to prove.

Continuously fashionable.

Sleek & Classic

A traditional style. Playful, charming and perfect

for budget designer

Dramatic With Deep Folds

Perfect for stylish, modern interiors.

Grate Design Is Transparent

Privacy without losing your view, touch of sophistication and glare reduction.


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Explore Our Selection of Made to Measure Curtains in London

Are you searching for the perfect curtains in London to add a touch of elegance and style to your home or office? Look no further! We are here to help you every step of the way, from choosing the ideal fabric to professional service for installation. Let's dive into the world of curtains and discover how we can create a custom look that perfectly suits your space.

At Aveon Ltd, we understand that curtains play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty and functionality of any space. Made to measure curtains offer a unique opportunity to create a tailored look that complements your interior design, providing privacy, insulation, and style as a form of window dressings.

Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains

Opting for made-to-measure curtains brings numerous benefits compared to ready-made options. With our bespoke curtains, you can enjoy:

  1. Perfect Fit: Our London curtains are meticulously crafted to fit your windows precisely, ensuring a seamless and polished look.

  2. Wide Range of Fabrics: Choose from an extensive fabric choice, including luxurious silk, versatile cotton, and durable polyester blends, to find the perfect texture and drape for your curtains.

  3. Customisation: Express your unique style by selecting various design elements, such as heading styles, trims, and linings, to create curtains London that truly reflect your taste.

  4. Quality Craftsmanship: Our professional service includes an experienced team of skilled artisans that takes pride in crafting London curtains with attention to detail and a focus on durability and longevity.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Selecting the perfect fabric is essential to achieving the desired look and functionality of your curtains. Consider factors such as the room's purpose, natural light, and existing decor. Whether you desire sheer and lightweight fabrics for a soft and airy ambiance or heavyweight fabrics for a more formal and opulent feel, our wide range of options ensures that you'll find the ideal fabric to suit your needs.

Selecting the Ideal Colour Scheme

Colour plays a vital role in creating a cohesive and harmonious interior design. When choosing the colour scheme for your London curtains, consider the overall palette of the room. Opt for colours that either blend seamlessly or provide a striking contrast to the existing elements. Our experienced consultants can guide you in selecting colours that enhance your space and reflect your personal style.

Finding the Perfect Style

The style of your curtains should complement the overall aesthetic of your space. Whether you prefer classic and timeless designs, modern and minimalist styles, or something in between, we have an extensive collection of curtain styles to choose from. Explore options such as pinch pleat, eyelet, rod pocket, or tailored headings to find the perfect style that aligns with your vision.

Taking Accurate Measurements

To ensure a flawless fit, accurate measurements are crucial. Our professional service includes a team here to guide you through the measurement process, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure precision. Whether you have standard-sized windows or unique shapes, our made-to-measure service ensures that your bespoke curtains London will be crafted to fit perfectly, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Crafting Your Curtains

Once we have your measurements and fabric selection, our skilled artisans will begin the crafting process. With meticulous attention to detail, they will cut and sew the fabric to create curtains that are tailored to your specifications. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that you'll receive curtains of exceptional standards, designed to elevate the beauty of your space.

Professional Installation Services

After your London curtains are carefully crafted, our dedicated installation team will ensure that they are installed flawlessly. Installing curtains can be a complex task, and our professionals have the expertise and experience to handle it with precision. Sit back and relax as we take care of every aspect, ensuring that your curtains are properly fitted and hang beautifully.

Caring for Your Curtains

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your custom curtains london proper care is essential. Regular maintenance includes gentle vacuuming or brushing to remove dust and occasional spot cleaning for any stains. For more delicate fabrics or extensive cleaning, professional dry cleaning services are recommended. Following these care instructions will help preserve the integrity and appearance of your curtains.

Enhancing Privacy and Insulation

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, our London curtains provide practical benefits. They offer enhanced privacy, allowing you to control the amount of light and visibility in your space. Moreover, curtains act as insulation, reducing heat loss during colder months and minimising the entry of sunlight, keeping your room cool and comfortable in warmer seasons. With our made-to-measure curtains, you can enjoy both style and functionality.

Adding a Touch of Personality

Made-to-measure curtains offer endless opportunities for personalisation. Beyond choosing the fabric choice, colour, and style, you can add unique touches to make your London curtains truly yours. Consider decorative trims, tiebacks, or embellishments that reflect your personality and further enhance the visual impact of your curtains. Our consultants are available to assist you in exploring these customisation options.

Customising Your Curtains

At Aveon, we understand that every space is unique, and we strive to meet your specific requirements. Our made-to-measure service allows for extensive customisation, ensuring that your curtains are a perfect fit for your windows and your vision. From blackout linings for bedrooms to thermal linings for energy efficiency, we offer a range of options to enhance the functionality of your curtains.

Budget Considerations

We believe that creating a custom look with your London curtains shouldn't be limited by budget constraints. Our wide selection of fabrics and customisation options allows for flexibility in pricing. Our consultants will work closely with you to find the best solutions that align with your budget while ensuring the highest quality curtains that transform your space.

Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. How long does it take to receive made-to-measure curtains?

    • The timeframe for crafting bespoke blinds or curtains can differ based on several factors including the intricacy of the design, the chosen materials, and our current workload. The process involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure the final product meets our high standards and your specific requirements. During our initial consultation with you, our team will establish a detailed timeline so you know exactly what to expect. It's our goal to provide both private clients and interior designers with top-tier, made-to-measure solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  2. Do you offer installation services?

    • Indeed, we do. Apart from creating beautiful bespoke blinds and curtains, we also offer full-scale professional installation services. Our seasoned installers bring a wealth of experience to the task, ensuring that your curtains or blinds are fitted properly and hang flawlessly, thereby enhancing the overall look and feel of your space. We handle every aspect of the installation process with utmost precision and care, leaving you to enjoy the final results without the hassle.

  3. How do I care for my made-to-measure curtains?

    • Maintaining the elegance of your bespoke curtains involves regular and gentle care. Routine upkeep includes light vacuuming or soft brushing to eliminate dust and keep the fabrics fresh. In case of stains or the need for a more thorough clean, we advise professional dry cleaning services. This helps preserve the quality, appearance and longevity of your curtains, ensuring they remain as striking as they were when first installed. We're here to provide guidance on the best practices for curtain care to help you maintain the splendid appeal of your curtains.

  4. What if I need assistance with choosing fabrics and styles?

    • Our team consists of seasoned consultants who are well-versed in guiding clients through the entire process of selecting the perfect fit blinds or curtains. They are always ready to assist with your fabric, colour, and style choices, including providing expert advice on our range of interlined curtains. Our consultants are committed to understanding your preferences, needs and vision, offering customised options that seamlessly align with your interior design goals. Whether you're a private client or an interior designer looking to add a touch of luxury to your project, we're here to make the process smooth and enjoyable for you.

Transform your space with the elegance and sophistication of made-to-measure curtains London. At Aveon, we offer a wide selection of fabrics, customisation options, and professional installation services to bring your vision to life. Explore our collection of made-to-measure curtains in London and create a personalised look that reflects your style and enhances the beauty of your home or office.

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